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French botanist André Michaux discovered the "Magnolia Macrophyllia" in Stanley in the 1700's
Welcome to the Brevard Station Museum Website

The Brevard Station Museum was begun in 1991 as a repository for historical artifacts and information pertaining to the region around the town of Stanley, North Carolina. The museum moved, in 2004, to the present location, with an abundance of space for displaying collections, as well as affording space for a Research and Genealogy Center for visitors to peruse the many reference books of vital records, and family histories, sit at a table and work on their own genealogical research.

Through the generous support of local businesses and individuals, the museum
provides a varied array of exhibits for visitors. Permanent displays begin with a representation of the coming of gold miners to the area, and the discovery of a rare, wild magnolia by French Botanist, Andre Michaux´. Other exhibits depict the advent of the railroad, the actual origination of the small town; information and artifacts regarding the textile industry; past businesses; town government happenings; farm life; vintage clothing and other articles showing early domestic life; culminating in a large collection of military artifacts. Additionally, one display cabinet is reserved for changing exhibits featuring personal collections.


The Brevard Station Museum is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to evoke an interest in the history of the small town of Stanley, North Carolina, and to provide a location for people, especially children, to view artifacts and be educated about their past with the assistance of knowledgeable volunteers who eagerly greet visitors and provide information to aid their research.

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Board Administrators
W. Barry Smith, President; Pat Smith, Secretary; Ronnie Lineberger, Treasurer; Allison Cobb; Jim Flanders; Barry Frady; Phyllis Bell; Jerry Bostic; Peggy Bostic, Mrs. Vickie Whitley.

We will honor any Company that matches gifts.
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Books Available from the Museum:
Images of America - Stanley

Echoes and Shadows of Two Centuries Echoes and Images from Magnolia Country Cooks Gaston County Heritage 2002 Vol. 1

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"Brevard Station Museum traces Stanley History"
A great article on our Museum published in the local paper, The Gaston County Banner News.  

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Stanley Historian Retires with Recognition
At the monthly meeting of the Stanley Town Council on April 4, 2016, Joyce Handsel received a proclamation read by Stanley Mayor, Andrew Quinley, that commemorated her twenty-five years of community service as a founding officer and Director of the Brevard Station Museum. The Board of Directors of the Museum honored her with a reception following the meeting.
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