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The Brevard Station Museum
Proudly Presents Its Latest Project

Echoes and Images from Magnolia Country Cooks

The museum staff has compiled a cookbook including recipes, nostalgic wise sayings, poetry, advice, famous quotes, and important dates to remember, together with excellent illustrations by Ruth Wood, making it a genuine collector's item.

Purchase of this cookbook is your way of supporting the work of the museum and helping to secure an appropriate, and hopefully a permanent home with adequate space.

For twelve years, the Brevard Station Museum has been a gathering place for genealogist collecting family information, and for those interested in the history of the region. Through the generosity of many Friends of the Museum the collection of artifacts, pictures and documents has increased greatly. Obvious to all visitors is the sad fact that the little museum is extremely crowded. Funds are needed to attain adequate space for properly displaying and preserving the museum collections.

Price for the cookbook, "Echoes and Images from Magnolia Country Cooks" is $10.00 per copy. Also, the Museum is offering our Stanley History book, "Echoes and Shadows of Two Centuries," at the price of $30.00 per book.

Both books would be excellent for your own collection as well as thoughtful gifts to loved ones and friends!  Place your order for the cookbook and/or the Stanley history book by clicking below to order by mail or purchase the books at the museum.

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