Membership Form


Please complete and return payment to:        Brevard Station Museum

                                                                             112 South Main Street

                                                                             Stanley, NC   28164


I would like to become a member or renew my membership at the following


o   Associate                   $25  to  $49                                                

o   Friends                       $50  to  $74   

o   Donors                       $75  to  $124                                

o   Patrons                      $125 to  $499                                   

o   Benefactors               $500  to $999                                   

o   Magnolia Circle        $1000 Plus                              


I am not interested in membership at this time

but have enclosed a donation of $____________.        

Name: _________________________________

Address: ________________________________

City: ___________________________________     

 State: ___________________ Zip: ___________ 

 Phone: _________________________________    

E-Mail: _________________________________                                                    

Make checks payable to Brevard Station Museum.


 Thank you for your support of Brevard Station Museum