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New Museum Now Open!

The Brevard Station Museum had an Open House on September 22, 2004 and we are now officially reopened at our new location, 112 South Main Street. Many visitors came to view the new displays and to enjoy the refreshments we had prepared for them.  Most who came were impressed with the larger expanse and the nice new display cabinets.  They all seemed to feel a sense of pride in having this museum in Stanley.

Robert Hovis from Iron Station, NC loaned the museum some pieces of his pottery to display.  He's an accomplished potter, using clay from Hoyle's Creek that runs through Stanley.  Along Hoyle's Creek is where Andre Michaux discovered the beautiful Magnolia macrophylla.   Robert has received recognition for his elegantly designed egg carvings, as well.

Recently Mr. and Mrs. Charles Potts donated to the museum an old two horse farm wagon that once belonged to her father, Ray Morris.  It has been painted red, as it once was, and now holds the museum's collection of farm equipment, mostly from "Willowside" the early nineteenth century Rankin farm.

Some nice folks who graduated in 1956 from old Stanley High School, pooled together and purchased for the museum two wonderful display cabinets to house trophies and other memorabilia relating to sports from the old high school.

Genealogists who visit the museum will be pleased with the new Research and History Center.  The museum's collection of books can be used for family history research with plenty space to sit and work as long as needed.

To afford more open time for visiting, the volunteers have agreed to extend the hours to Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10AM until 4PM.  Appointments can be made for other times by calling 704-263-9801.

Some pictures from the new museum.
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Below you can see some of the military display and further back into the Research Center.
This is Alfred Rhyne. He can still wear his WW 2 Uniform.
Below is Jim McGinnis with his Korean War Uniform.
The military uniform display.