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Arnold C. Taylor, Sr.

A. C. and Mae Taylor

Arnold Christian (A. C.) Taylor came to Stanley Creek in the early 1900's, from Kentucky, to be the new Depot Agent. He first was transferred to Rutherfordton to work there for a while as Depot Agent. A. C.'s father was from Kentucky and his mother from Missouri. Some of his siblings followed him to the Carolinas.

After living in Stanley Creek for a short while he met and later married Ada Elnora Ensley. A. C. who was born on 31 January 1885 and Ada, born 8 August 1886, made their home on South Main Street in Stanley.

A C. Taylor quickly became an active citizen of his new community. He was elected to the town council from 1915 until 1917. There is no record of his serving on the council after 1917, but he performed several duties at the polls.

He worked as the depot agent until sometime in the early 1920's at which time his replacement in that position was Walter "Ras" Carpenter. Mr. Taylor became associated with the Catawba Spinning Group as Secretary for the local group of mills. He worked as a bookkeeper at the Mariposa Mill. After the Farmers and Merchants Bank was established in Stanley Creek, A. C. Taylor became one of the Directors.

Sometime in the late 1920's A. C. Taylor assumed the position of Stanley's correspondent to the Gastonia Gazette and through that endeavor he inadvertently recorded some of Stanley's history as it was happening. Not only did he tell the local gossip, (as was customary in those days), such as who was visiting whom and which family was on vacation, he also told when buildings were being built in town, new businesses were being started, when farmers crops were failing because of harsh weather, when folks in town were married, became ill or died. His religious convictions would always shine through his articles, when every Monday he commented about the sermons that had been preached that past Sunday in Stanley churches. The Taylor family attended and was active in the Bruington Memorial Baptist Church.

After the death of Ada Ensley Taylor on 27 September 1937, A. C. Taylor, Sr. married Mae Abernethy who was born around 1906. Mae was the daughter of Alfred and Carrie Cherry Abernethy and had three brothers, Frank E. Abernethy; Graham Abernethy, born about 1908 - died 16 Jan. 1992; and Warren Lee Abernethy who died at age 32. Mae and A. C. had a daughter - Martha Sue Taylor who married Jim Mitchell and lives in Stanley.

Arnold C. Taylor, Sr. died on 19 August 1981 and is buried beside his first wife, Ada, in the Stanley Cemetery. Mae Abernethy Taylor died on 13 February 1992 and is buried in Stanley Cemetery.


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