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The 1700's

Up Stanley Creek Revolutionary War Large Leafed Magnolia

Revolutionary War Years

In the year 1768 a new county was created out of old Mecklenburg west of the Catawba River and South of the Earl of Granville line. This new county was named Tryon in honor of the British Governor William Tryon.

William Moore was the Tryon County Coroner from January 1770 to April 1773; and was appointed to collect Tryon County taxes for 1768. He was also a representative to the Colonial Assembly from 1769 to 1775.

In August 1775 the Tryon Resolves were formulated and signed by 48 Tryon County men, as a declaration of Rights and Independence from British Tyranny.

In September 1775 a Tryon County Militia was formed under Colonel Joseph Graham. War had begun in Boston and the Northern Colonies that previous April in which the Colonies were defending their rights and liberties against England.

Later in 1778 Tryon County was abolished and out of that territory were created the two counties of Lincoln and Rutherford.

In June of 1780 the Battle of Ramseurs Mill was fought pitting neighbor against neighbor, brother against brother, and father against son; all local men, no British soldier participated. This seemingly small battle was an enormously significant factor in winning the later battle of Kings Mountain which in turn led to the defeat and surrender of Lord Cornwallis to George Washington at Yorktown on October 19, 1781.

Men thought to be from the Stanley Creek/Dutchman Creek area and from the Hoyles Creek area who fought in the Revolutionary War, some at the Battle of Ramseurs Mill and some at Kings Mountain as well as the Continental line, were:

Robert Abernethy
Thomas Campbell
Peter Eddleman
Joseph Graham
Jacob Hoffman
Matthew Leeper
Alexander McLean
John Moore, Sr.
William Rankin*
Peter Smith
John Armstrong
Adam Cloninger
Abram Forney
John Gregory
Thomas Hunter
Lewis Lineberger
James Moore
William Moore
Thomas Rhyne
John Weir
Robert Berry
Jacob Costner
Jacob Forney
William Gregory
James Johnston
James Martin
Alexander Moore
William Rabb
James Rutledge
Bartholomew Thompson
Jonas Bradshaw
Thomas Costner
Peter Forney
James Henderson
John Kincaid
Thomas McGee
John Moore
Samuel Rankin
John Smith

* William Rankin was a prisoner of war.

Up Stanley Creek Revolutionary War Large Leafed Magnolia

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