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Brevard Station Museum Photo Gallery
Gallery Four

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Photo #1
cauble.jpg (71573 bytes)
Stanley Sundries
B. J. Cauble in his drugstore on corner of East Chestnut and Highway 27. It was here that people bought tickets and boarded the Trailways buses to travel to Charlotte or Lincolnton for shopping, seeing the doctor, etc.
Photo #2
sundries.JPG (5796 bytes)
Stanley Sundries
Run by B. J. Cauble, located on the corner of East Chestnut and Highway 27. This had previously been J. W. Dellinger's Drug Store.
Photo #3
sinclair.jpg (8029 bytes)
Wilson Rhyne's Sinclair Station
Photo from early 1940's - (later torn down and new station built around 1955) - First managed by Wilton Morris and then by Wilson Rhyne - was located on the corner of Mt. Holly Road (now Lucia Road) and the Charlotte Highway (now Highway 27)
Photo #4
dtown2.gif (180820 bytes)
Downtown Stanley - 1940's
Aerial view of Stanley sometime in the 1940's. Aerial photo by Bill Hawley.
Photo #5
Outdoor Basketball Court
Playing on the old dirt basketball court in 1936-37. Elementary School that later burned is in background. Up until 1939 the Stanley School had no gymnasium for inside play.
Photo #6
Gymnasium built in 1939
Stanley School Gymnasium built around 1939 across the road from the elementary school near the ballpark. Picture taken around 1950.
Photo #7
On Stanley Creek Bridge
In background is the Valentine Derr House which stood on a hill on the east side of Stanley Creek. This house served as the Stanley Creek Post Office until 1861 when the Post Office was established in the new Carolina Central Railroad Depot and called the Brevard Station Post Office.

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