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Brevard Station Museum Photo Gallery
Gallery Six

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Photo #1
handsel.JPG (7362 bytes)
Jim Handsel
Jim Handsel in front of his dad's grocery. Jim worked as butcher. Handsel's Grocery was the first self service grocery in town. Russell Handsel was owner.
Photo #2
hardware.JPG (7507 bytes)
Hammack-Derr Hardware
The Hammack-Derr Hardware Store was located on the corner of Highway 27 and East Chestnut Street. George Derr was manager.
Photo #3
talon.jpg (10769 bytes)
Talon Zipper Plant
Talon Zipper Plant Begins Operations in Stanley in 1953. Stanley Mayor, R. G. "Slick" Rhyne (right) and town officials welcome Talon and Plant Manager James Hendley to Stanley
Photo #4
brevard3.JPG (11336 bytes)
Brevard House in 1968
Mt. Tirza - Home of Robert Alfred Brevard and later his son Alexander Franklin Brevard as it stood in 1968. Home was unoccupied for many years prior to time of photo and shortly thereafter was burned by vandals.
Photo #5
townhall.jpg (97341 bytes)
Town Hall in 1969
In 1969 an addition was built to the town hall with bays for the rescue and fire equipment. A second floor was added which housed space for the Town Hall , Police Department, Fire Department and the Rescue Squad.
Photo #6
Official Seal of the Town Of Stanley
Designed in 1997 by Hanz H. SAItZwedel.
Photo #7
Mayor Glenn Rhyne  Police Chief Handsel.jpg (68034 bytes)
Stanley, A Friendly Place
Mayor Glenn Rhyne and Police Chief Ralph Handsel stand next to the Stanley city limits sign proclaiming, "Stanley, A Friendly Place."
Photo #8
magnolia1.jpg (34691 bytes)
The Large Leafed Magnolia
Native to Stanley, discovered by the French botanist, André Michaux in 1785.

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